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FREE Air For Your Tires

Where can a person get Free Air for their tires in today’s new automated World?

Free air. I can remember the days when every gas station, auto repair facility, and corner store had air hoses available to the public, or a free air station mounted to the wall. (I can also remember when gas was .99 cents a gallon….) In today’s automated world, finding somewhere to get air for your tires can be an adventure. There are some self serve gas stations with pay-for-air stations available, but not as many as one would think. One Sunday, when I had a low tire on my vehicle, it took me 4 stops in 2 towns to locate a pay for air station. By the time I was done filling my tires, and the machine with Quarters, it cost me $3.50 to achieve this once simple task. Needless to say it was an aggravating way to start my busy day off.
Here at Mass Tire/Windsor Tire, we have free air, and we will fill your tires for you, with a smile, while you wait. Come to any of our locations and we will check the air in your tires for FREE. Yes FREE. We will also check the condition of your tires while we are performing the air pressure test. There are so many reasons to make sure your tires are properly inflated, safety, prolonged tire life, and increased fuel mileage are the top three reasons to make sure your tires are properly inflated. The U.S. Government has done many studies on the affects of low tire pressure in cars and trucks over the years as have tire, auto, and truck manufacturers groups.

One would think with all the positives of properly inflated tires there would be easy and convenient access to FREE AIR. Please share this with your friends, family, and co-workers. All of us at Mass Tire/Windsor Tire are here to help you be safer, save money, and in the big picture, assist in promoting a cleaner environment for all.

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